Chief Compliance Officer

Adam Hardin

License: CA Insurance License #0G95609 – Series 24, 7, 6, 63, & 65 Securities Licenses, Insurance Agent Licenses – Life, Accident & Sickness, Property & Casualty, and Variable Annuity.


Adam was raised alongside four brothers in a suburb south of Atlanta, Georgia. When he was not immersed playing baseball and soccer, he could most often be found creating science experiments or developing the survival skills he learned through the Boy Scouts of America program. He has always been fascinated by the solar system and nature.

Over the last 15 years, Adam has worked in a variety of investment management and financial planning roles. He started his early career working at MAG Mutual Financial Services, which provided comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services exclusively to physicians and their medical practices.  He later went to work for a boutique financial planning firm catering to high net worth and affluent individuals. He simultaneously started a property and casualty insurance agency to address unmet liability exposures for his clients that he ran for several years. During that time he met Dan Ahmad and was able to work with him on several special projects.  

He kept in touch with Dan and was recently invited to join the Peak Financial team.  His primary focus is serving retirees and pre-retirees of all professions in the development of strategic plans for retirement.  His motto is “plan with a purpose.” As a financial advisor, Adam takes a holistic approach to understand his clients’ goals and concerns and customizes his recommendations to best fit each client’s needs. He is passionate about helping people develop better wealth management and retirement planning strategies.

Adam’s drive for excellence, compassion, and warm personality has led him to move his beautiful wife, Gabriel, and four wonderful children, Olivia, Carson, Bennett, and Wells across the county from Atlanta to become part of the “Peak Family” in Roseville, California. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves everything sports-related. Adam is a two-time cancer survivor who also speaks Russian, having served a two-year mission in Samara, Russia.  Adam is an active member of his church, community, and the Boy Scouts of America. 

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree from Troy University, active Series 24, 7, 6, 63, & 65 Securities Licenses along with Insurance Agent Licenses – Life, Accident & Sickness, Property & Casualty, and Variable Annuity.

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