Month: February 2019

Your Tax Burden in Retirement

Even in retirement, taxes are a guarantee. Your Social Security benefit, capital gains, and retirement account distributions can all be taxed, leaving you with less retirement income than you planned on receiving. Your tax burden is important to consider when planning for retirement, and can be your most significant expense. Here is how common retirement income sources are taxed. While you will gain a new source of income in retirement through Social Security, it could also add to your tax burden. There are many reasons why you can’t rely solely on Social Security in retirement, so you will...

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Why $1 Million in Savings may not be Enough

They say age is just a number, but the same probably shouldn’t be said of retirement preparation. While $1 million may seem like a substantial nest egg, it may no longer be enough if you want to retire comfortably. In the past, many people set a goal to have a million dollars to retire on, but in today’s world it may not get you where you need to be for retirement. Healthcare costs and inflation are just a few of the retirement expenses that can eat up savings. Everyone’s retirement goals and situation are unique, and preparing for retirement might not be as simple as saving for a specific...

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Is Now the Time to Convert to a Roth IRA?

Roman poet Horace penned the famous phrase, “carpe diem” – seize the day. Could 2019 be the year to seize the Roth? A Roth IRA can be a valuable asset in retirement because qualified distributions are not taxed, unlike distributions from a traditional IRA.  Roth IRAs are also not subject to required minimum distributions, (RMDs) so funds can continue to grow tax free, and the remaining balance can be passed onto a beneficiary. If lowering your tax burden or passing on tax free wealth is a retirement goal, you may want to consider converting to a Roth this year. A Roth IRA conversion is a significant...

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Retirement Strategies for High-Income Earners

For the high-income earners and savers, retirement planning can look different – and more complicated than for others. Maybe you don’t just want to get by in retirement – maybe you want to travel and pursue passions – as well as leave behind a legacy to your loved ones. Reaching these goals requires strategy and planning. Saving in the years leading up to retirement, considering a Roth IRA, and deciding on the best time to start taking Social Security can be important parts of a strong retirement plan. Building a cash stockpile in the years leading up to retirement can be a good strategy...

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Important Gifts for Your Valentine

What are you getting your spouse for Valentine’s Day this year? Flowers? Chocolates with weird fillings? How about a bigger Social Security benefit, or an insurance policy that could secure their financial future? Whatever you decide to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day, it’s also the perfect time to sit down and talk with your spouse about your future to make sure you’re both on the same page and have a solid plan in place. For some couples, communication is an issue. It’s not always fun to have tough conversations, but when it comes to things like finances, Social Security and insurance,...

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Transitioning Into Retirement Is No Small Task

Even though most people look forward to retirement, some forget that losing the structured routines, sense of purpose, and social interactions that work brings can lead to a difficult transition from working to retirement. Recently, a professor at Harvard Business School conducted a study on the mental and emotional effects of retirement. The study found that people undergo “life restructuring” and “identity bridging” in retirement, and it gives examples of how people can successfully transition into retirement. But even though retirement changes your daily schedule, there are ways to help...

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Press Release: Book Publishing Deal with Celebrity Press

Peak Financial Freedom Group Co-Founders Dan Ahmad and Jim Files signed a publishing deal to co-write the forthcoming book titled Momma’s Secret Recipe for Retirement Success, published by CelebrityPress® LLC. In addition to Ahmad’s and Files’ expertise, the publication features content from world-renowned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield. For Reference – Original Source

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Creating a Retirement Game Plan

Whether your team won or lost this Sunday, we can all agree that it’s no easy feat to make it to the big game at the end of the season. This game is the culmination of the both teams’ practicing, strategizing, and collaboration all season long. Creating a game plan for football is a lot like creating a retirement plan: You have to know when to protect your lead and when to be aggressive, how to adapt to new challenges, and recognize the importance of good coaching when planning for your future. Even if a team is losing by the end of the second quarter, they still have time to catch-up and win...

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