“The BIG Question” answers the single biggest question retirees ask about their money:

How Can I Invest My Assets To Create Income That Will Last For As Long As I Live Without Ever Suffering Large Market Losses?

The Big Question – Live Out Your Best Retirement Possible – Co-written with Larry King, Dan & Jim address the single biggest questions that retirees have in their new book The Big Question. Asking questions is an art that is learned from an early age to help us get what we want. As we get older, our questions become more difficult to answer and our goals harder to achieve. In order to succeed, we invariably find that our fastest solutions come from the guidance we get from those who have already been there, like the Celebrity Experts in this book, and by asking them the right questions. In your case, what is The Big Question?

Download two chapters of Dan & Jim’s latest book, titled “Rules to Live By For Retirement Security: Avoiding Another 2008 Market Crash”. This chapter will tackle the biggest problems and fears you as a retiree face with your money by teaching you:

  • It’s important to remember what it felt like to lose so much money in 2008 – it felt terrible!
  • The typical type of incorrect and fateful advice most retirees were given by their brokers that led to their huge portfolio losses.
  • A case study about Bob and Carol, who just retired in 2007, and you will see how 18-months devastated their plan for retirement because they lost 54%!
  • What happened to Bob and Carol didn’t have to happen to them, and doesn’t have to happen to you.
  • The tough decisions you have to make after a big market loss.
  • How a big loss will affect your future income.
  • The total fees you are paying on your assets is actually closer to 3.25%, not 1% like your broker told you.

Reading these two chapters will change the way you view your money forever. You will learn how to handle risk, taxes, income, and planning, now that you are retired. A successful retirement plan must guarantee you will not run out of money for as long as you live and avoid all large stock market losses. Read the chapter and you’ll learn how to do both of these things.

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The Big Question - Live Out Your Best Retirement Possible
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